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Mrs Collette Carlin

Careers and Work Related Learning Lead


Telephone: 01579 325716 or 01579 342344 Ext. 116

'Associate member of the Career Development Institute'


MsWBirkbeckMs Wendy Birkbeck

Careers Senior Leadership Team Link and Careers Lead


Telephone: 01579 342344 Ext. 187


MrsTHockingMrs Trudi Hocking

Work Experience Administrator


Telephone: 01579 342344 Ext. 140

Choosing your career is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make and we will make every effort to help you make the right choice and give you the tools to achieve it. All students studying with us are welcome to access our extensive resources and contact us at any stage when help is required with career choices, progression to Further or Higher Education, apprenticeships or other training and educational opportunities. Careers guidance appointments are always available on a 1 to 1 basis, group or ‘pop in’ sessions.

Mrs Carlin will, at all times offer impartiality, meaning that students requirements and issues are of primary concern and she is not tied to those of the school.

We use Gatsby benchmarks to constantly assess the effectiveness of our provision, and we closely monitor the impact of this by keeping records of work experience and careers related experiences of our students. This information is essential in helping us constantly refine our Careers Education Programme, and allows us to take a bespoke approach with individual students to help them with careers advice. 

You can view the IAG Careers Policy here and on the Policies page



The open access Careers Information Library is located in the main Library; it contains a wide variety of information on employers, occupations, courses, reference books, CD ROMs, Armed Forces literature, magazines, along with Prospectuses from Universities, local Colleges and training providers. Here we will also keep up-to-date information on local apprenticeships and training courses as well as locally advertised vacancies during the spring/summer months. Computer-aided career choice programmes and information databases are also available, as well as help with employment, training and education applications.



At Liskeard School and Community School we are committed to each pupil achieving their full potential. Through a structured forward-looking strategy, our careers programme aims to bring out the best in everyone, operating across the curriculum and through specific career-focussed activities, to offer broad exposure to further study options and possible career paths. Our careers support is made up of four components - Information, Education, Advice and Guidance.

Our aim is to support pupils in the decision taking which faces them. They have to consider possible career paths, further and higher education routes, work-based learning, training and possible gap-year opportunities. We understand that this is not an easy decision and we will help by:

  • Introducing students to the full range of career pathways, e.g. apprenticeships, college and university courses, training opportunities
  • Developing the necessary skills to make informed decisions relating to their future
  • Raising aspirations by increasing motivation
  • Developing their communication skills – written and verbal
  • Supporting inclusion for all, challenging stereotyping and promotion of equal opportunities
  • Seeking out resource materials to help with research and evaluation
  • Developing independence, social skills, tolerance, confidence and sensitivity to others.
  • Enabling them to use the knowledge and skills they have gained to make well thought through decisions about learning and work that are right for them.

 We will provide:

  • Exposure to a wide variety of employers, employment sectors and industries
  • Data on student destinations and up to date Labour Market Information
  • Training and practice in compiling CVs, Application Forms, Interview Skills and on-line UCAS applications
  • Offer specific support and guidance for individuals
  • Information relating to student finance
  • A secure structure for Work Experience, offering a full work experience programme in year 10 and 12 and alternative provision as required
  • Assistance to pupils on all Careers related matters

 We prepare Pupils for:

  • Adult life through responsibility and work experience
  • The challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing economic landscape
  • Lifelong learning, decision making and personal development



The aim of the Careers Programme is to make pupils curious about the rapidly changing world of work and to help pupils as individuals make informed decisions about their career pathways. Each young person is entitled to the best possible Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG); it can make the difference between a false start and a successful career.  We will help you with those questions - Why? How? Where? and How?

Careers Education is part of the PSCHE programme and is taught across years 7 to 14. Under supervision from the Careers Lead, all staff at Liskeard School are encouraged to consider their role in the Careers Programme, which includes providing pupils with information on opportunities specific to their subject area and experiences both in and out of the classroom.  Through developing this culture, our young people are able to make clear links between their experiences and the future ahead

As in PSCHE lessons, a wide variety of teaching and learning styles are used in the Careers Programme. Activities are designed to match visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners, through the use of computer work, discussions, hands-on activities, group work and individual learning. We have a range of age-appropriate careers software programmes for students to access in and out of Career and PSCHE lesson time. Our dedicated staff are available during school hours (and at other times by appointment) and we encourage all our students to ‘drop-in’ to discuss their thoughts and ambition ideas. All students will receive at least one 1:1 interview regarding their 16+ Options which works along-side the following sessions.

Year 7

  • Setting goals and dreams
  • ‘Why do we work?’ workshops and presentations
  • Employer and business encounters – I love my job
  • STEM – Careers Carousel to include employers

 Year 8

  • Careers Booklet – looking at key skills, terminology and preparation for work
  • On-line programmes i.e. Career Pilot
  • Motivational sessions
  • Speed Networking
  • Attendance at Careers Events and workshops
  • Employer and business encounters – I love my job
  • STEM - Careers Carousel to include employers

 Year 9

  • Researching career opportunities through Career Pilot
  • ‘Take your Child to work day’
  • Preparation for and Options choices
  • Careers presentations
  • Motivational sessions
  • Employer talks (including parents)
  • Career Website research
  • STEM - Careers Carousel to include employers
  • Employer and business encounters – I love my job
  • Uncover HE Programme (Exeter University) targeted students
  • Careers using Science day

 Year 10

  • Work experience – including Health and Safety study, Child Protection, Employment Law, Signage etc.
  • Careers presentations – e.g. employers (including parents), Armed Forces, colleges
  • Visits to and from employers/businesses, universities and colleges
  • Taster days
  • Employer and business encounters – I love my job
  • 10 opportunities event
  • STEM - Careers Carousel to include employers
  • 1:1 and group interviews
  • Assemblies and tutor periods
  • Uncover HE Programme (Exeter University) targeted students
  • Extended work experience for students following an ‘alternative provision’ timetable
  • Entry routes
  • Research

 Year 11

  • Developing a personal career plan
  • Completion of student diagnostics Profile Forms and Action Plans
  • Careers Circus of Events – Interview Techniques, Apprenticeships and Training, Further and Higher Education, Liskeard Sixth Form, What are hard and soft skills?
  • College, University, training provider and employer presentations
  • STEM - Careers Carousel to include employers
  • 1:1 and group Careers interviews
  • 16+ Application Forms
  • Labour market and apprenticeship workshops
  • CV, letter writing and application forms
  • Mock interviews
  • Employer and business encounters – I love my job
  • Visits to and from Colleges, Universities and employers
  • Motivational sessions
  • Assemblies and tutor periods
  • Extended work experience for students following an ‘alternative provision’ timetable
  • Careers Website research
  • Uncover HE Programme (Exeter University) targeted students

 Year 12-14

  • 1:1 and group interviews
  • UCAS support
  • HE advice and planning
  • CV, application and letter writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Motivational sessions
  • Employer and business encounters
  • Careers Day
  • Work Experience
  • Careers research
  • Visits to and from colleges, advisers, universities, employers etc.



If your child has special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), it becomes even more important to get the right information and high quality advice on all possible career options.  All students will receive interviews relevant to their needs.

If your child has a statement of special educational needs or disabilities (EHCP), then at the annual review meetings a transition plan will be drawn up. This transition plan will be reviewed and updated at each future meeting.  The plan enables you, your child and relevant professionals to share information and decide what action needs to be taken to ensure that your child receives any necessary specialist help or support once they have left school.

We offer a yearly information workshop for students in Year 9-11 to attend with their parents, which highlights some of the post-16 courses on offer and their progression routes, support available and Q&A session.  We also arrange for college visits to help with transition from Year 11.

Please speak to Mrs Carlin, the Learning Support Department or your CSW Group Personal Advisor for additional help or information.



Our most able students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of careers events which develop their thirst for further knowledge. Students engage in a wide range of activities within the careers education, information, advice and guidance ethos, alongside other students in school.  These activities are designed to motivate them, whilst raising their aspirations and ambitions along the way.  In addition to this, we have targeted interventions, workshops and events to enable our MABLE students to make informed choices about their future pathways and fulfil their potential.



What is LMI? - LMI effectively describes the world of work – ranging from descriptions of different careers, their entry routes, promotional prospects, salaries paid, skills and qualifications needed, etc. It can provide us with insights into different jobs and opportunities, telling us what is available now, is predicted to be available in the future or what is in decline. It can be gathered from a wide array of sources from websites run by Government funded organisations, through to adverts for job vacancies in local papers and online. 

Having up to date and relevant information on local, national and international data can help young people make informed choices about their decisions and how their chosen career path will be in the future.






Do you need inspiring? Visit the National Careers Service or Career Pilot Websites where you will find lots of useful information. In the ‘Job Profile’ area, you can find out what different jobs entail, what you will earn, skills and qualifications needed etc. You can also find out what jobs may suit you by completing the ‘skills health check’. Within this site you can start to build your Curriculum Vitae (CV), look through local college courses, and get ideas on finding work experience, interview skills and much more. This site will compliment and allow you expand on what you have learnt within school.

See the Useful Careers Websites section at the bottom of this page.

The school does not undertake any DBS checks for these providers. They operate independently of the school.



Please contact Mrs Carlin via telephone or email – you could however call into her office which is located in the Library.


CSW GROUP LTD                                 

We have a Careers Southwest Personal Advisor in school by appointment. If you are on the Register of Need, you can also get careers advice from your PA. They will help with your transition into 16+ education, training or employment.

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We recognise that parents have a major role to play in the area of careers, both in terms of encouraging and supporting their children and in supporting the school in its endeavours to promote a wide variety of careers information. Should parents wish to come into school and discuss careers opportunities for their child, they are most welcome to make an appointment.

Should any parent wish to offer their support with the provision of employment and careers information, please contact Mrs Carlin direct. If you are an employer or are employed and would like to share your experiences with the students, we would very much like to hear from you. You never know, you could be the one that inspires a student to follow a particular career path!



We have excellent relationships with many local employers and national and global employers and organisations, which we have developed year upon year, including our Work Experience Programme and Enterprise activities. We will continue to develop and expand these relationships to ensure a wide range of commercial exposure and encounters for all pupils.  The more students are exposed to working environments and employers, the better they will understand what behaviours and skills they will be expected to have developed by the time they leave us.



The school was previously awarded the then-named Investor in Careers CEIAG quality award. It now holds the national Quality in Careers Standard awarded by CSW Group (Investor in Careers) as the Licensed Awarding Body.



The Baker Clause is an amendment to the Technical and Further Education Act which requires schools to proactively provide access to their pupils to alternative providers of technical & post 14, 16 & 18 education.  It requires all schools from 2nd January 2018 to:

  • Ensure that all pupils have access to hear what the following providers offer:
  • At 14: studio schools, university technical colleges, further education colleges, in relation to any opportunities for 14-year-old enrolment
  • At 16: apprenticeship providers, further education colleges, sixth form colleges, work-based learning/training providers
  • At 18: apprenticeship providers, higher education providers

At Liskeard School we are very proactive in welcoming providers from different learning facilities to speak to our young people to ensure that they have relevant information to enable them to make informed choices about their future.  In order to fulfil this obligation, providers of 14+ opportunities need to contact the Careers Leader to arrange to be present at Y9 Options Evening. During this evening students and parents/carers will have the opportunity to visit providers to discuss the courses on offer. The same applies to providers of post 16 opportunities. All providers who offer courses within a reasonable travelling distance of Liskeard School will be granted access at a suitable time and date to suit both parties.

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