On 6th October 2015 the A level engineering students went to Plymouth University and visited the materials laboratory to use the equipment to gain test data for their A level course work.

Students used a tensile testing machine to test how much force is required to break various metals and hence determine the yield stress and ultimate tensile stress of each material.

Students were shown the use of hand held X-ray machines that could analyse the elements of various materials giving the exact percentage of the elements that make up the materials.

They used the most up to date technologies in material science in experiments such as testing the hardness of metals. Using the equipment they could accurately measure the indent from a diamond forced into various metals which indicated the hardness of each metal. The tests they witnessed at the lab put what they had been learning at school into practice.

Students also had the opportunity to speak to PhD students about their PhD projects. One student explained her project on fatigue testing. The student used the test equipment shown which used cyclic loading, (the metal being put under stress on and off repeatedly) at a frequency of 15Hz, to grow cracks in aluminium plate. A crack grew from the notch at a certain rate and it was possible to predict when the material would fail. This type of experiment gave the Liskeard students an understanding of what ‘real world’ engineering was about and solutions to real engineering problems. The Liskeard students also spoke to a qualified dentist completing an engineering research project using an electron microscope looking at cell growth on titanium implants. The microscope was able to view the cells at a magnification of a millionth of mm. All this new technology completely inspired the engineering students where they came away awe struck and had a better understanding of what they would like to do as a career within engineering.



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