homeworkAll students are expected to complete homework. For Key Stage 3, students’ homework will be set weekly for all subjects except for Art, Music and IT. Homework should be recorded in students’ homework diaries and staff will assist with this for students with special needs as required. Students can also access all homework tasks through ‘Show My Homework’, an online web-based platform. Show My Homework can be accessed by following the link on the School website. All homework set should be appropriately differentiated by the class teacher in all cases and should be accessible to all bearing in mind issues such as lack of IT equipment in some households. Students without IT access at home do not have to use Show My Homework and hard copy resources will be provided, where necessary.

Details of the project homework set in Art, Music and IT will be provided by the relevant subject teacher. The project outline will set out the details regarding the task, interim deadlines and the final deadline.

For Key Stage 4 subjects, the teacher will also set homework on at least a weekly basis. The homework may be project based if the subject needs are such that this is necessary. Again, students will be required to write homework in their diary and staff will assist with this for students with special needs as required. All KS4 homework will also be listed on Show My Homework and students can again use this tool to obtain the detail and support resources for their homework tasks.

Tutors have a key role in ensuring that the homework diary is used for logging homework.

Heads of Faculty have a key role in ensuring that subject staff are setting regular homework.

Homework timetable 1


 homework timetable 2


Homework Zero–tolerance:

  • Zero–tolerance applies to all students.
  • Students are expected to hand in homework which has been completed to a high standard by the deadline set.
  • If a student fails to comply then the member of staff will give the student a 20 minute lunchtime detention within the faculty. The homework should be completed in this time and finished at home if necessary.
  • If the student does not attend the detention, this then becomes a behaviour issue and will be treated as such following the school Behaviour for Learning procedures.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to complete the work and hand it in to the teacher.

If there are any extenuating circumstances as to why a student cannot complete a particular piece of homework by the set deadline, we ask parents to inform the relevant class teacher through the student’s homework diary.

What is Show My Homework?

Show My Homework is a simple homework calendar that the school uses to ensure homework is set and communicated with students and parents. Teachers can use it to set homework quickly and ensure that learners and parents always have the information they need about homework available via the Web, Mobile and Tablet devices. An introductory guide to Show My Homework can be found here.

How can homework be accessed?

Homework can be accessed by teachers, students and parents in the following ways:

  • Please follow the link on the home page or go to: There is no login required to see the school homework calendar. You can see homework that is set and then use the filters to find what you are looking for.
  • A personalised homework calendar is available for all users including students and parents. Once you login, you can only see your own homework schedule.
  • If you do not yet have a login and would like one, please email:
  • There are iPhone and Android apps available for free for students and parents.
  • The Show My Homework service is available and works on all devices using a modern browser such as IE 8+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


This design and making course aims to extend students’ knowledge and understanding to solve design problems in the workshop and in industry. The course is designed to develop designing and making skills and appreciation of the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing.


It is preferable to have a grade C or above in GCSE Engineering, GCSE Resistant Materials, BTEC Engineering or BTEC Construction, but not essential.


Do you enjoy problem solving, designing and making, being creative, experimenting, discussion and debate? Do you enjoy a subject where the answer is not always black or white? Would you like to design the products of the future?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes then you would enjoy studying Product Design at A Level.


In Year 12 students will undertake a series of different research, design and make tasks that will enable them to improve their practical skills and experiment with a wide range of new materials and techniques. The students then create a portfolio of evidence to meet the marking criteria, to include evidence of CAD/CAM and links with industry. The work is submitted as a folio and a 3D outcome. Students will develop their knowledge of designers and where possible will visit museums, galleries and industrial companies.

In Year 13 students will undertake a single substantial design and make project of the students’ choice and in their preferred material area. Written examinations will test students’ knowledge and understanding of different materials and components;

their working properties and how they are shaped, joined and manipulated in both the workshop and in industry, design and market influences and the design and manufacture of products for a mass market.


There are four assessments objectives within Product Design:

  • Identify, investigate and outline design possibilities to address needs and wants.
  • Design and make prototypes that are fit for purpose.
  • Analyse and evaluate: design decisions and outcomes, including for prototypes made by themselves and others; wider issues in design and technology.
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of: technical principles; designing and making principles. The structure of the course is such that students are given regular opportunities to try new skills, make mistakes and to practice exam questions to build up their experience and knowledge in advance of the modular exams.


This is an exciting course which could lead to Product Design, Industrial Design, Engineering and Design Degree courses, apprenticeships or simply to develop skills for employment.

It also supports Art/Graphics/ICT/Marketing/Media and Business courses.


Ms Yoxall          

Each fortnight, Mrs Carlin will be emailing a 'Job Profile' to all students, full of useful information showcasing a specific job and the career pathway to that job. Each 'Job Profile' can be viewed or downloaded below.

Further information and links can be found at: and 

If you would like to see a certain job showcased, please let Mrs Carlin know by emailing

Profile Number 21: Social Media Manager

Profile Number 20: Welder

Profile Number 19: Receptionist

Profile Number 18: Airline Pilot

Profile Number 17: Army Officer & Soldier

Profile Number 16: Merchant Navy

Profile Number 15: Pet Behaviour Counsellor and Veterinary Physiotherapist

Profile Number 14: Nurse

Profile Number 13: Archaeologist

Profile Number 12: Customer Services Manager

Profile Number 11: Air Cabin Crew

Profile Number 10: Barrister

Profile Number 9: TV or Film Sound Technician

Profile Number 8: Actuary

Profile Number 7: Ultrasonographer

Profile Number 6:  IT Project Manager & IT Support Technician

Profile Number 5: Forensic Scientist/Criminology

Profile Number 4: Automotive Engineer

Profile Number 3: Vet

Profile Number 2: Electrical Engineer. Also relevant to this Profile is 'A Parents Guide to a Career in Engineering'

Profile Number 1: Animal Care Worker

Year 8 students at Liskeard School & Community College recently promoted Cornish culture as part of the annual Liskeard Lights Up festival, by creating a Cornish language display in The Book Shop.

Community organisation Golden Tree, which promotes Cornish language and culture, asked students to get involved, and to incorporate the Cornish language into the window display. The students learnt and then wrote the words onto the ivy leaves in the display.

Sixth Form Prospectus

Click here, or on the front cover below, to view the 2018-19 Sixth Form Prospectus


Sixth Form Prospectus 2019 Final Web 1

 Application Form

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