After the huge success of last year’s Science Show, Liskeard School & Community College’s Science department was delighted to present the Science Show for 2013 to a sell-out 350 strong audience in the New Hall.

Mr Granville-West and Mr Inger were the Science experts and hosts of the evening presenting all things Science related with high energy and enthusiasm showing their love for their subject.

The theme this year for National Science Week was “Invention and Discovery”. This theme was displayed throughout the week in school. There were displays and posters of inventions through the ages including Daniel Hess and the invention of the carpet sweeper which led to the vacuum cleaner that we know today; Charles Babbage and his invention the Difference Engine which ultimately led to the computers we know today and Alexander Fleming who invented our first antibiotics.

The night kicked off with a display of fluorescent liquids, one of which spelled the word ‘discovery’ in chemiluminescent blue. Next there was a demonstration of a non-Newtonian fluid using cornflour. The vibrations of a loud speaker at different frequencies made the cornflour rise from its liquid state into cornflour monsters.Liskeard-School-Science-Show-5

Then onto the fascinating world of liquid nitrogen and how this super cold fluid interacts with rubber, with shattering consequences. The liquid nitrogen would quickly remove the energy from the items causing their state to change. Then it was on to more adventurous experiments. Flowers were cryogenically frozen until they became brittle and were able to be shattered on the floor and Mr Granville-West entered into the culinary world of cold cooking eggs. The audience were then treated to liquid nitrogen ice cream and deep frozen crisps that had people steaming at the nostrils.

Mr Granville-West then froze a banana and had the now annual Banana Versus Hammer competition with an audience member to see who could bang a nail into a piece of wood the quickest. Unfortunately it ended in another devastating loss for the banana.

Next up was a demonstration of what happens when a rapidly expanding gas is enclosed in a plastic bottle and placed in a bin full of polystyrene and ping pong balls. With much anticipation and nervous waiting the plastic bottle finally exploded shooting the contents of the bin into the air with a loud bang.

Liskeard-School-Science-Show-6The scientists then had some fun with an industrial sized spud gun, in a dual style stand off from three paces. The audience were able to experience the power of the spud gun also with those at the back not safe from its force.

As a further demonstration of the power of air particles the scientists brought out special air cannons filled with fog which, when tapped, shot a smoke ring across the hall. Audience members placed plastic cups on their heads and had them blown off with the air cannons to demonstrate the power of air pressure.

Next Mr Inger was brave enough to demonstrate how Science know-how and 2000 nails are not as scary as they look. Lying on a bed of nails would probably have sufficed but Mr Inger was sandwiched between two beds of nails and then had his two children, who were also audience members, sit on top of him! If that wasn’t enough Mr Granville-West then split a concrete block on top with a sledge hammer!  Needless to say all ended well!

After that was a demonstration of the power of gases and their reaction to flames. Everything from methane bubbles to hydrogen balloons were set alight, floating to the ceiling in a ball of fire. The crowd demanded the fire balls got bigger and the scientists, clearly in their element, duly obliged.

This led perfectly to the explosive finale. Accompanied by Queen’s iconic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Mr Granville-West and Mr Inger set fire to metal fibres, exploded liquids, gas balloons and fired rockets in time with the music, building to a crescendo with them both exploding one massive balloon of hydrogen each at the end of the song.

The evening was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience with a rapturous round of applause as the show came to an end.

A huge thank you to Mr Granville-West and Mr Inger for putting on such a superb show, Mrs Edwards for organising it and all the Science technicians for their efforts in putting on another superb Science show.


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