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What is a Business Leader?

A Business Leader sets up and runs their own business for the duration of a school year by taking part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme.


What does being a Business Leader at Liskeard School involve?

Each student in the company is given a specific role, such as the Managing Director, Finance Director or Marketing Director. There are a total of eight director roles per group.

Business Leaders may also be invited to events or meetings about the business aspects of the school.


What commitment do Leaders need to make?

As a minimum, Business Leaders need to attend a one a half hour meeting one day after school each week. However, to run the business successfully, Leaders need to commit a lot of their own time to the business activities. They also need to attend trade fairs which happen throughout the year at weekends.


What qualities would I need to have to be a member?

You will need to have a drive and commitment for completing your own ideas. Business knowledge is not essential as you will learn this over the course of the year. You must also be committed to attending the meetings and completing the tasks of the role given to you.


Which year group do I need to be in to apply?

You need to be in year 10 to be a Business Leader, but you do not need to have chosen GCSE Business Studies as an option subject


How many positions are available?

Anywhere between 5-15 places.


How do I apply?

Instructions about becoming a business leader will be given Year 10 students at the beginning of each school year. If you are interested in applying please speak to Mr. Aird who will tell you more about the programme.




School Emergency Closures - A Guide for Parents and Guardians

We recognise that the decision to close a school in the event of an emergency (e.g. snow, flooding, no water or heating) significantly impacts upon you, as parents and guardians. This document outlines the agreed procedure which all schools are asked to follow and offers advice to parents on the key things to consider, both before and after the decision to close has been made.

Guidance Given to Schools Guidance and procedures are sent to all schools on an annual basis, usually at the start of the autumn term. To prevent the possibility of fraudulent school closures, schools are required to follow a verification process before providing school closure information. Schools are then asked to:

  • Undertake a risk assessment, using common sense to determine whether it is feasible for children and staff to remain in the school; and if not, what subsequent risks could arise by sending them home. Before school hours start, schools are also asked to assess if the roads are safe for children to travel to school.
  • Seek approval from the Governing Body (usually the decision of the Chair of Governors will suffice) to authorise the decision to close.
  • Notify Cornwall Council and the three local radio stations (BBC Radio Cornwall, Heart FM and Pirate FM). Providing the school follow the agreed procedure, each of the radio stations have all agreed to broadcast details of all school closures.


Liskeard School’s Procedure

If school closure is unavoidable we will inform parents by text, email, social media and via the website at the earliest available opportunity. The three main radio stations will also be alerted (BBC Cornwall, Heart and Pirate FM).

Who to Contact?

If the decision is made to close, you will be notified by the school’s agreed notification procedure. Should you need to contact the school directly, please be aware that the line(s) may be busy or unavailable when a large number of parents are calling at the same time.

A full list of all schools closed in Cornwall can be found on the Cornwall Government Website

You may also find the following websites useful: Cornwall Snow Advice | Met Office | Environment Agency | Devon & Cornwall Police



Catch Up Funding was introduced in 2014 to enable schools to target extra resources towards students who arrive in Year 7 below the expected standards in literacy and/or numeracy. Previously, this meant students arriving in school below a Level 4 in both areas. Since 2015, this means students arriving below the newly defined ‘expected standards’.

Catch Up Funding is spent on interventions and extra teaching and resources which seek to boost the performance of these students who have arrived with us in Year 7 with levels of literacy and/or numeracy that mean many of them will have mild to extreme challenges in accessing the secondary curriculum. Our approach is to concentrate on extra literacy support and interventions as literacy challenges really impede young people’s access to learning more than almost any other factor. We recognise that numeracy is also a challenge for many of our students, who on average arrive with us with lower levels of numeracy than literacy, and we are investing in several new numeracy interventions and approached to help students catch up.


Students To Catch Up

For 2016/17 in our current Year 7 cohort of 181 students:

  • 72 achieved below the expected standard in Reading;
  • 65 achieved below the expected standard in GPVS (Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary and Spelling);
  • 79 achieved below the expected standards in Maths;
  • 56 achieved below the expected standards in Reading and GPVS;
  • 47 achieved below the expected standards in all three areas.


Spending Strategies

Catch Up Funding Spending Strategies

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