The LSCC Citizenship Award!

What is it?

A bespoke award scheme designed by the Student Council. You are given a series of challenges to complete, to benefit yourself and others.

Is it the same for all year groups?

Y7 complete the Bronze level; Y8 Silver; Y9 Gold; Y10 Diamond; Y11 Platinum. Click here to download details of the challenges for each year group.

How does it work?

Challenges are divided into three sections: Courage; Kindness and Resilience. Once you have completed two challenges in one section you will receive a certificate. So for example, a Y8 student who has completed two courage challenges will receive a Silver LSCC Citizenship Award for Courage.

Completing 15 challenges overall from any section will gain you the overall award eg: Overall Silver LSCC Citizenship Award.

LSCC Citizenship Awards Scheme 


We are pleased to share with you our last OFSTED report (March 2013) which recognised the fantastic improvements seen over recent years. OFSTED-Good
The key findings of the inspection team are summarised below:
  • The school provides high quality teaching
  • There are strong student relationships and students behave well
  • Leadership at all levels is extremely good
  • We have excellent relationships with the local community and businesses
  • Our 6th form exam results are above the national average
  • Our GCSE results are improving each year
  • We provide a broad and varied curriculum and an extensive range of extra-curricular activities
The school was not judged outstanding as at the time we needed to strengthen the leadership of the maths department which we have now done. In July 2013 we appointed Mrs Hubartt, one of our best teachers and an experienced middle leader to the post. The maths team this year celebrated a phenomenal 58% A*/A at A Level and have been ranked as one of the top providers in the country (ALPS, grade 1).
The inspectors also believed we needed to further increase the proportion of outstanding teaching. By our reckoning this has increased over the last year however we are still ambitious to ensure all teaching is of the highest calibre every lesson.















Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. The survey can be completed at any time; you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected.



What is the Eco-Council?

The Eco-Council (we are sometimes known as The Wombles!) is a group of students interested in ‘green issues’. We come up with ways to help save the environment.

What does being an Eco-Council member at Liskeard School involve?

Running eco-campaigns, coming up with new ideas to help the school save energy, making the student body aware of environmental issues, discussion of environmental issues, fund raising and much more.

What commitment do Eco-Council members need to make?

We meet every Thursday lunch time in S4. Sometimes we take part in fundraising events after school. We also present our ideas in assemblies, to the Head teacher and the governors.

What qualities would I need to have to be a member?

Friendly, reliable, able to work with people of all ages, open minded and of course passionate about environmental issues.

Which year group do I need to be in to apply?

Everyone is welcome from Year 7 to 13.

How many positions are available?

Up to 25 Wombles (currently there are 17)

How do I apply?

Download an application form here. Email it to or print it out and give it into Reception.



What is a Digital Leader?

Digital Leaders are involved with developing our use of new technologies in school. We take on large scale projects to use new technology in exciting new ways to help improve what goes on in and around school every day.

What does being a Digital Leader at Liskeard School involve?

Digital Leaders are expected to be comfortable with a range of software and devices and have a keen interest in technology. Leaders use iPads and other computers in school to help complete their projects.

What commitment do Leaders need to make?

Digital Leaders need to spend one lunchtime a week meeting and reviewing progress on the projects being undertaken. In addition to this we usually meet after school once a week as well.

What qualities would I need to have to be a member?

You would need to be able to make a consistent commitment of your time towards completing the projects we work on. You would need to either have a familiarity with using new technology, or an appetite to learn how to!

Which year group do I need to be in to apply?

Becoming a Digital Leader is open to all year groups.

How many positions are available?

Ideally, two Digital Leaders per year group would be appointed. But with sufficient interests this could be extended to four per year group, allowing us to work on extra projects simultaneously.

How do I apply?

Download an application form here. Email it to or print it out and give it into Reception.



What is a Personnel Leader?

The main role of a Personnel Leader is to meet potential candidates who wish to work at Liskeard School.

What do Personnel Leaders actually do?

Personnel Leaders act as tour guides, showing potential candidates around the school. They are also called upon to make up the Student Panel, which is a group of Personnel Leaders from across the year groups who interview each candidate and ask questions that are important to the student body. Representatives from the Student Panel feedback to the Head teacher Mr Lingard and governors on the main interview panel. The views of the Student Panel are taken into consideration when making a final decision about which candidate should be appointed.

What commitment do Personnel Leaders need to make?

To attend the Personnel Leaders training and catch up work missed when called to help with the interview process.

What qualities would I need to have to be a Personnel Leader?

* Confidence

* The ability to scratch beneath the surface and ask searching questions

* Professionalism

* Good communication skills

* Enthusiasm

How are students selected to be a Personnel Leader?

In addition to having the qualities outlined above Personnel Leaders are selected based on their behaviour record and pride in their appearance. Being a Personnel Leader is a privileged position therefore students are carefully chosen.

Which year group do I need to be in to apply?

Any year group.

How many positions are available?


How do I apply? Download an application form here. Email it to or print it out and give it into Reception.




Please note: Internal school online payment is not currently working - trips can be paid by credit card over the phone, and catering payment will be adjusted in school until the system is fixed.

Please note: We now take card payments over the phone on 01579  325718. 

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